The repo contains also the script. A fully functional server installation
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The ISO is not yet completely finished. You can already create the ISO, but there will be no finished configuration.



For now, you need a working Arch system to create the ISO. You can use VirtualBox or Manjaro.


Dependancy :
sudo pacman -S archiso


Usage [options]:

iso_name: PwOSS
iso_version: PWOSS_201906
iso_label: pwoss_linux
publisher: PwOSS
application:‘PwOSS Linux’



cd /path/to/repo/ISO/releng/
sudo ./ -N PwOSS -V 28.06.2019 -L pwoss_linux -P DanSman -A 'PwOSS Linux'


General options:

-N <iso_name>      Set an iso filename (prefix)
                    Default: ${iso_name}"
-V <iso_version>   Set an iso version (in filename)
                    Default: ${iso_version}
-L <iso_label>     Set an iso label (disk label)"
                    Default: ${iso_label}"
-P <publisher>     Set a publisher for the disk"
                    Default: '${iso_publisher}'"
-A <application>   Set an application name for the disk"
                    Default: '${iso_application}'"
-D <install_dir>   Set an install_dir (directory inside iso)"
                    Default: ${install_dir}"
-w <work_dir>      Set the working directory"
                    Default: ${work_dir}"
-o <out_dir>       Set the output directory"
                    Default: ${out_dir}"
-v                 Enable verbose output"
-h                 This help message"